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Almond Milk

Ingredients: Raw Almonds, Filtered Water

and Himalayan Pink Salt


Cashew Cream

Ingredients: Cashews, Filtered Water

and Himalayan Pink Salt

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Our Brand Philosophy

Real Ingredients

About us

Nija means “the truth or real”. We are a new food production company based in Cincinnati, specializing in “Real Food”. We believe that true health can be achieved through real food and most chronic and auto-immune diseases can be relieved or eliminated by changing our diet habits through mindful eating. We believe that we have something unique to offer the local food community. We specialize in Nut Milks and Nut Creams, flavored with spices, herbs, and home made extracts. We use no additives, preservatives, flavors, stabilizers, gums or “non food” items. Our almond milk is made with raw, unpasteurized almonds, sourced directly from California. The nuts are soaked overnight for easier digestion and the entire production is cold processed. We use organic and local ingredients whenever possible. We only use natural sweeteners like local maple syrup or honey to sweeten our products.

What our customers say

Cinnamon Cashew Cream in my coffee this morning! I’m in heaven 🙂

Julie Heart Customer

Loving my Hazelnut Cashew Cream with my coffee!

Julie Ann Froelich Customer

The rose/orange blossom almond milk tastes so ethereal, I felt like I was being transported into Nirvana when I drank it. Sooo good! Thank you.

Laura Moorhead Customer

I have 1 vegan family member, and a kid who doesn’t tolerate animal dairy, so this is SO COOL!

Megan Seaman Customer @ Madeira Farmers Market

I just love the milk from Nija Foods. Pure ingredients without any additives or fillers is just what i want!

Sarah Martin Customer @ Northside Farmers Market

Latest news

What’s Really in Almond Milk available at store?

Here is the reason why I started this company! If you are trying to eat clean, or are going through auto-immune issues (like I did) cutting down additives in the foods is a necessary step. http://www.safebee.com/food/whats-really-almond-milk

Is There Engine Fuel on Your Almonds??

Old Post, but relevant. We use only raw unpasteurized almonds directly sourced from California. I think the food industry has gone nuts  Unfortunately, these defensive eating is your best way to stay healthy! Is There Engine Fuel on Your Almonds??

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